There are so many places all over Wisconsin that tell us several things about where we live and what our land has to offer, but the best place to observe this from are Museums. Museums are fascinating places that have so much information from not only history, but to what we can farther accomplish in our growing world. One Museum that shows us some of Wisconsin’s history is the Hearthstone Historic House Museum, which is in Appleton, Wisconsin. This Museum is an old house that was built in 1882 containing one of Edison’s central systems of hydroelectricity. The house still has the original electroliers, light switches and wiring from Edison’s system.  The website for this Museum states that, “this beautifully restored house and museum is much more…It is excellent example of Queen Anne Victorian Style architecture, designed by a leading architect of the day, with breathtaking interiors.  It is “hard wired” into local history as its story is the story of the history of Wisconsin, of the Gilded Age, and of fortunes won and lost. It is a look to the past, but it is also a look to the future – a look featuring hydroelectricity and renewable power, individually powered homes, and what it means to be a visionary.” The Hearthstone Historic House Museum is something that all architect, history and art lovers will enjoy. Then, jumping to the present the Discovery World Science and Technology Center is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This Museum is filled with many exhibits such as virtual explorer, design it lab, great lakes future, mazes and brain games and much more. The Discovery World Science and Technology Center website says that, “Our unique, hands-on exhibits and programs focus on two areas – technology and freshwater sciences. We have eight learning labs that alone comprise of more than 10,000 sq. ft. of space!” This Museum is filled with so many learning and eye-opening experiences for people of all ages. Everywhere you go there is always something that you can do to explore. Although these are only a couple of Wisconsin’s Museums, they still provide a lot of opportunities for everyone.  


Pizza Farm

Pizza. 5 letters but so much more than that because who doesn’t love it, especially fresh homemade pizza? But what about a pizza farm? A pizza farm is a farm that you can go to where they raise or grow all their ingredients themselves and make pizzas from them in usually baked in a brick oven.

Wisconsin has several Pizza Farms around, including  AtoZ Produce and Bakery and Stoney Acres Farm.  These farms have many things in common, one obviously being pizza. Both farms are family friendly and allow the observing of pizza being made, where the veggies grow and the farm animals that they have. They are also very laid-back places, as you can bring in your own snacks to eat with your pizza along with chairs and blankets that you can sprawl out across the farm, or even bring along some lawn games. The farms also have days for reservations or large parties. Some things they aren’t as lenient on is bringing in alcohol, pets, flashes when taking pictures of the bakers making the pizza and touching their plants and farm equipment.

AtoZ Produce and Bakery is in Stockholm, WI and is open May 7th– October 29th on Tuesdays to the public. They even have a coop that is available for rainy and cool times. Make sure to bring your own utensils and drinks if needed. They even make their own bread, which all the ingredients and processes of the making happen right on their farm. On the other hand, Stoney Acres is in Athens, WI and are open April 12 from November 9th every Friday and Saturday. Not only do they offer their home-grown ingredients and homemade pizza, but also their own brewery on cite from their home-grown ingredients as well. They also offer other beverages such as water, soda, and root beer at a charge and tap water for free. Then, there is seating inside and outside to accommodate with weather conditions. For all the pizza lovers out there this one’s for you.  

Paradise Springs State Natural Area

Paradise Springs State Natural Area is in the Kettle Moraine State Forest Southern Unit, which resides in Eagle Wisconsin. This isn’t your typical walking trail because throughout this walk there are many abandoned buildings and has years of history supporting it. This natural spring area was the home of many things once upon a time, including a horse track, shuffleboard, tennis court, resort hotel and a trout fishing area. Although, the resort hotel was taken down in the late 1970s, so you won’t see that building there. Then, over the year’s nature began to take back over these forgotten buildings, and the dam broke leading the fish to be washed away from the spring. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, “Paradise Springs is about 5 feet deep and maintains a temperature of about 47 degrees F. year-round. Over 30,000 gallons of water flow from this spring each hour—that’s 500 gallons each minute. Paradise Springs sits in a bowl-shaped depression where the water table reaches the surface.” I find the rate at which the water flows by hour crazy because that is roughly equal to 300 standard bathtubs full of water. Next, sitting next to this spring is an old spring house which includes part of the scenic trial and was used to protect the water and provide access to the water for people. Now this old spring house holds pictures of history that once happen amongst the spring. Also, Nicole who wrote on “Only in Your State”, talked shortly about the Gotten Cabin, which can also be found in this area. She said, “Built by Prussian immigrants in the 1850s, it’s been restored and put back on its original location here on state lands. It’s not regularly open for tours, but the state does give an open house here a few times a year. The log cabin is an important and still-standing part of state history.” I personally find this area and all it has to offer appealing in not only the means of history but nature as well. Hopefully you can check out this trail and learn more about it.  

Wisconsin Dells

When I think of Wisconsin’s dells, I always think about all the waterparks that reside there, but instead of talking to you about the many waterparks they have, I wanted to dig a little deeper into the Dells because there is so much more that is offered in this area. The Dells Army Ducks, Big Sky Drive- In, and the Knuckleheads Trampoline Park, are some of the things I recommend when going to the Dells. The Dells Army Ducks are six-wheel drive vehicles designed to drive on the most rugged terrain and even float in the water. These tour Ducks can take you just about anywhere and last about an hour covering Lake Delton and the Lower Dells of the Wisconsin River. Then, when the lights go out the Big Sky Drive –In lights up with two twin screens. Although the Drive – In doesn’t open until May, it’s a great summer opportunity to watch some new movies while taking a step back to the past. They also of course have a concession stand to fulfill those late night snack time movie must haves. Jumping into Knuckleheads Trampoline Park there’s fun everywhere. Within this park there is much more than trampolines, they have rides and an arcade, bar and cosmic bowling, a ropes course, go karts and a booby trap escape room. I would recommend getting a Need – 4 Speed wristband for an all day pass for $31.95 in order to try it all out. Lastly, Allison Taylor who wrote ” 10 Things to do In Wisconsin” ( recommended 10 places to go in Wisconsin Dells which included, the Big Foot Zipline Tour and the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory. She explained that the Big Foot Zipline Tour lasts for over 2 and a half hours. The Big Foot Zipline includes 7 separate lines that go through the Majestic Oaks and Northwood pines. Then, Allison states that the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory has hands on exhibits throughout the museum. I found that this museum has six exhibits which includes the Virtual Sports Center, the Giant lever, the Mercury Space Capsule, Russian Space Center MIR, High Wire Skycycle and the Van De Graaff Generator- The Bridge of Fire Exhibit. I hope everyone has the opportunity to check out at least one of these Wisconsin Dells attractions throughout there lifetime.